First review SFTTF

Musicmaker07-2015thumbFour stars in the Musicmaker of September! Some quotes:

“Intriguing. Brutal hard mainly”
“excellent albumproduction”
“Godworst: a memorable mouth-watering piece of music!”

The review (in Dutch) can be read here on the reviewspage >


Say Farewell to the Flesh

The long awaited new CD of Godworst: Say Farewell to the Flesh is now available to listen and download!


First gig after 15 years

PatronaatCafe-Haarlem_2015-02-13Godworst on stage again after many years!

When: Friday the 13th of February 2015 (Godworst will play around twelve o’ clock in the evening so no excuse for the supersticious)
Where: Het Patronaat Café: Irrational Library (Zijlsingel 2, 2013 DN Haarlem)
With: Oliva Newton John Ravolta, Magieke Jansen, Richard Raaphorst & Johnny Bumfucka